Butte Pediatric Dentistry Services


Preventive Pediatric Dental Care

  • Infant Oral Health Consulting

  • Cavity Prevention Education

  • Oral Health Examination

  • Orthodontic Evaluation

  • Dental Cleaning

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Digital X-rays

  • Sealants


Treatments Performed

  • Tooth-colored Fillings

  • Extractions

  • Root Canals (primary teeth)

  • Crowns

  • Space Maintainers

  • Frenectomy procedure with laser

  • Silver diamine fluoride


Additional Pediatric Dental Services

  • Dental Care for Children with Special Medical Needs

  • Dental Care for Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide

  • Dentistry with Conscious Sedation

  • Dentistry with General Anesthesia